St Joe's Class of 1970 Reunion Vikings gather for 50th! (+1)

Help us find your classmates

We are still missing contact information for some of our classmates. If you are in touch with anyone on the list, or can provide any information about their whereabouts, please share it in the form below. Even a “last known address” could help us track them down.

A list of MIAs is posted here.

We have organized a group of ’70 Vikings to be “TRACKERS”. These TRACKERS pick a handful of names off the MIA list and use various tools to hunt for clues to find a MIA classmate. This new approach is already making progress in finding our missing classmates.  If you’d like to join the “hunt club” contact Neil McCormick at

E.g., "4321 W. 25th Street"
E.g., "Apartment 321"
E.g., "OH"
E.g., "Accurate as of early 2015"
Anything you know that might help us find this classmate.